Unsolicited Testimonials

Just a short email to thank you and your team for the excellent stay I had with you last week - as always up to my expectations. I hope to join you again next year.

Best wishes and thanks once again

Stephen Batten
I was recently a guest at your hotel and wanted to say Thank you! for all the warm hospitality and great service.  I also did not get the chance to say goodbye to Chai.  Please tell him thank you for his services and we will remember him.  Also, please say hello to the pretty girl at the front desk for me =)

Once again, thank you for the great service!  We will be back!

Carol Taylinh
I would like to thank you very much for the great time I had at the Lotus. I felt like I was at home. This is mainly due to the wonderful atmosphere created by all the staff and of course comfortable rooms and great meals, it was funny I didn’t venture to any other restaurants once I had tried the great food served at Lotus.

John Levers
It was wonderful to see you and the gang in Chiang Mai again. Thank you as always for a wonderful stay in your hotel and I hope to be back again soon.

Alan Bryan
Here I am again staying at the Lotus Hotel and drinking too much in the bar. As always, the staff are friendly and the rooms are clean. I love to stay here.......

Jim Harmon and I stayed at your hotel last week. We were both very happy with the hotel, but we were quite taken with the wonderful staff. Every minute of our stay with you was a pleasure. The staff were very attentive and professional. We were both impressed with the service we received. The front desk staff were always helpful and smiling and willing to assist us with our many questions and needs. The restaurant and bar staff were also very attentive and helpful. Again, I cannot say enough good things.

Keith Morris
I want to thank everyone at the Lotus for a very enjoyable stay. I stayed at the Lotus for the first time two and a half years ago. Since then I have been back three more times. I do not think I would want to stay at another hotel in Chiang Mai. What makes the Lotus special for me are the very friendly, helpful, and kind people who work at the Lotus.........

Timothy Ludwig
I am writing to ask if you will pass our thanks to all your staff for the way they made us welcome during our recent visit. We enjoyed our stay at the Lotus very much and found everyone very friendly and helpful.

Stephen Roach
I just want to thank-you for all the kindness you gave my boyfriend and I
when we stayed with you for the month of August. We had an amazing time and
are very happy we met you.
Have a good one

I have spent the most beautiful 25 nights in the Lotus Hotel. Sadly I have to go home; all good things come to an end.
The Hotel Staff are such friendly people - the garden bar is my favourite place. Thanks to T and partner who always went out their way to ensure that I was well cared for. Thanks to Saha for looking after my room and laundry.
Thanks to all the Staff that assisted me and cared for me - it was a wonderful experience to stay in the Lotus Hotel. Thanks for the Tee Shirt - I wear this with nostalgia!
Love you all and see you again next year!


Dirk Naundorf